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Friday, January 19, 2007

Why I stopped coding - and why I would like to do it again

Sometimes I wonder why I stopped coding. No,the above mentioned link isn't about me, but I couldn't state it better than this. I feel that I miss today the drive to just "fuss around" with stuff. Now I want to get things done, and little things that get in the way really break the flow.

Besides the database issues that the article describes so well right on the first page, there is another one that takes away all my pleasure from programming. It's an old problem that got worse recently: the lack of standardization regarding Unicode encoding. It's something that for us (weird users of diacritical marks and accented characters) just stays in the way. Another one is testing of visual applications, web apps included. In the end, all this stuff takes away a lot of pleasure.

But there is hope... even with my recent focus on managing people and projects, coding is still something that I miss. From time to time I give it a try. There are improvements. And who knows, perhaps I can do something myself to help solve these problems. I want to do it again, but this time, I want to do it as it should be done - with productivity and with pleasure.


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