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Monday, August 09, 2004

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About one year ago I stopped coding and following Python's development. Not because I didn't like it, but other professional activities required my full dedication. Now it's over, and I'm back to my home office trying to figure out what the next big revolution will be. Over the past year, I missed the blog explosion, but I think that there is still time to catch up. And for all my programming needs... why not Python?

I've recently installed Python 2.3 (the latest stable release) and checked 2.4's progress. While the minor complaints regarding the growing complexity of the language are valid, it's also amazing how much progress in terms of useful stuff was made. Some things that were only partly implemented are now a real part of the language (namely, iterators - they're everywhere, and that's good). The latest discussions that I remind myself taking part involved CVS and Decimal numbers. Both are there too, although not exactly asI have dreamed.

I'm also coding, albeit at a slow pace. I downloaded MoinMoin, the excellent Pure Python Wiki engine. I started to customize it to my needs, and it is slowly beginning to resemble a crossover between a Wiki and a Blog. I can write blog-like, timestamped entries, and still link to Wiki style webpages. I think I'm onto something here. Of course, I should not be writing this in public, but hey, it would not be bad to attract a few people to join me and discuss these ideas...


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